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St-Auban, Monday 25 June 1997

Today's weather : Ridge over France decreasing quickly with the arrival of a disturbance which will move fast to the SE ; 3/8 Cu up to 2500m in the afternoon, 5/8 Ac and Ci early afternoon increasing from the West

Tasks are :

  • Standard : 283 km (departure at 156 St-Geniez, then 29 Col de Cabre, 90 St-Andre, 36 Embrun, arrival 160 St-Auban)
  • 15 m : 356 km (dep 56 Mallefougasse, 78 Rosans, 107 Vinon, 64 Moustiers, 75 La Roche de Rame and back to St-Auban 160)
  • Open : 380 km from 153 Malmoisson, 010 Beauriere, 009 Barreme, 17 Briancon and back.

    Tomorrow's weather : Rapid Cyclonic SWS flow around the depression to the North with a trough persisting over the region.

    Technical side : still some problems with the telephone lines, but now connection from 2 PC in self service at Press Room is working properly and permits anybody in St-Auban to send and receive e-mails (at their home mailbox or at a local address) with a local telephone call or to consult this site or any Internet service... We'll try to complete some webpages still missing as soon as physically possible and to give you more and more information day after day. Hold on the line !

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    Visit Philippe de Péchy's "Vol à Voile" (Soaring) server : infos, ad's, glider pictures, GPS turnpoints coordinates, competitions results and an unofficial ranking of all glider pilots in the world.

    Other sites of soaring interest :
  • World Gliding Championships 1997, Saint-Auban, France (championnats du monde de vol à voile)
  • L'aéro-club du Bas-Armagnac, Nogaro (Gers, France) Aeroclub of Bas-Armagnac
  • Classement Vuillemot - French Soaring Pilots Permanent Ranking
  • Classement International - Results and Ranking
  • Fédération française de vol à voile - French Soaring Association
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  • NOAA visible

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