Saint-Auban, 5 January 1997

Subject : 25th World Gliding Championships
Bulletin number 2

Dear Friends,

The preparations for the 25th World Gliding Championships are running well.

The present sending includes Bulletin Number 2 with in appendix :

- the provisional entries list ( nations , pilots by classes),

- the entry forms for the pilots, reserve pilots and team managers.

These documents are sent directly to the contact adresses indicated in the preliminary entry forms.

The next Bulletin will be sent after the deadline for entries.

I wish you all the very best for the New Year.

Yours Sincerely,


Chairman of the Organization Committee

Six months to go

The preparations for the 25th World Gliding Championships are proceeding smoothly.

This is the WGC 97 Bulletin Number 2 mailed to the contact persons of each team. The Bulletin Number 1 was published on 29 October 96.

Deadline for Final Entry is 28 February 1997

The Organizers are very encouraged by the responses received over the past two months, since we have 96 confirmed entries from 25 countries plus 10 requests for reserve pilots.

There is one final entry form for each confirmed pilot, one for the team captain, plus two for the conditional reserve pilots. Please return them before the deadline which is 28 February 1997. Help us to avoid mistakes by filling in forms and writing addresses in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS.

Please enclose two passport photos and if possible an additional photo taken "in action, in real gliding life" of every pilot and team captain with the forms. Kindly write the name on the back of each photograph. Furthermore a short description of the "top moments" of your career (not necessarily too serious) would be appreciated.

Reserve Pilots

Good news for reserve pilots : since the entries will not exceed 50 in any class nor 120 for all classes we will most probably be able to satisfy all requests for extra pilots, provided the entry forms and entry fees for these entries will be received before the deadline (28 February 97)

Entry Fee

The entry fee is 3800 FF. and it covers all the operational costs during the championship except aerotows. It should be paid no later than February 1977 to the following bank :

CREDIT DU NORD (Aix Sextius)
Account name : FFVV Mondial 97
Bank code : 30076
Agency code : 02232
Account number : 214840002000
Key : 88

Exemption of entry fees for overseas pilots

As promised 20 entries from overseas pilots will be free. The exemptions have been granted to each overseas team in (approximate) proportion to the total number of their competitors having sent a preliminary registration :

Team Entries Exemptions
Australia 5 4
Canada 1 1
Japan 1 1
New Zealand 5 4
South Africa 6 4.5
USA 6 4.5
Venezuela 1 1
Total 2 20

Aero tows

The aero tow fees will be 200 FF. to 700m AGL.

In order to avoid retrieval difficulties, the tow ropes will be supplied by the organizers.

Since in some cases downwind takeoffs are unavoidable at Saint-Auban we will do our best to only use powerful (235 HP) tow planes.

Rules and Regulations

The General Rules and Local Regulations were submitted to the IGC Rules Sub-Committee by mid-October but are still not approved. There are some discussions about the suggestions made at the October IGC meeting about introducing monofrequency, making several start points available and using distinctive colour marking on sailplanes to improve their visibility.

The organizers are opposed to the first suggestion because according to them the use of a single frequency would cause more problems (especially on safety matters) than it would solve . Furthermore it appears risky to introduce monofrequency in a championship of the size of the WGC without having tested it in a pre-world competition. Finally such a rule would constitute a major change from the present practice. If some Delegates want to change the spirit of the Competition they have the possibility to rise a vote to modify Annex A of the Sporting Code for all future Championships. A comprehensive argumentation about this matter has been sent to Peter Ryder, IGC President.

Concerning the other two suggestions, we are seriously considering the possibility of using a larger start line (5 km long) and imposing coloured stickers on every glider.

In any case we are hoping to receive approval of the rules as soon as possible to be able to send them in due time to the competitors.

International Jury and Stewards

For the International Jury, the IGC appointed:

  • President: Tor Johannessen (Norway),
  • members :
  • The Stewards will be:

  • GNSS

    We remind that the flight will primarily be recorded by a GNSS flight recorder carried on board each glider. The GNSS recorder will be the only documentation used for flight verification as long as it works. One time recording camera or one second flight recorder may be used as back-up but their data will only be analysed if the GNSS trace of the primary recorder is not complete.

    All GNSS units, provided they have been approved by the IGC before the deadline for final entry, will be accepted. Please indicate clearly the make and model on the entry form to allow us an optimal sizing of the download system.

    The organisers will provide each pilot with a floppy containing an ASCII file of the WGS 84 co-ordinates of the turn and start points ( and also of the marked outlanding fields ).


    You are reminded that for safety reasons Emergency Location Transmitters are mandatory.

    ELT are available (for rent or for sale) from SERPE-IESM company in a special WGC '97 offer (26-feb-97)

    ELT will be also available for rent on the site.

    See Bulletin 3

    Gliders for rent

    There is still a limited number of competitive gliders available for the Championship. Please contact our Administration Director for details as soon as possible. His fax number is :


    We urge you to make the necessary arrangements for the shipping. We remind you that the most convenient discharge ports are MARSEILLE and FOS SUR MER which are located respectively at 141 and 155 km from Saint-Auban. If this service is not offered by the shipping company, alternative ports are LE HAVRE or ANTWERP. However the increased distances (983 and 1147 km respectively) will increase your costs and transit times.

    On carriage from these ports can be arranged by DELTA SHIPPING OVERSEAS. You may contact them directly for all European and French Carriage, customs, storage, container packing and unpacking requirements.


    Good News : no Carnets are required for sailplanes shipped via MARSEILLE or FOS SUR MER.

    We are pleased to inform you that we have reached an agreement with French Customs about providing security for temporary entry so that teams and competitors DO NOT NEED TO OBTAIN CARNETS for aircraft, gliders, trailers, parachutes, or for spare parts thereof, provided they are shipped via MARSEILLE or FOS SUR MER by DELTA SHIPPING OVERSEAS.

    DELTA SHIPPING OVERSEAS will require a full inventory, in English, detailing the contents and value of the items in the container and one original bill of lading. These documents should be available to DSO at least one week prior to the arrival of the ship. Any items not listed on the inventory and not declared to French Customs may be subject to automatic seizure.

    The security is not available for temporary entry of support vehicles, bicycles, personal effects, etc. A cash deposit or Carnet will be required for temporary entry of theses items.

    WARNING : Do not be tempted to undervalue anything. This is an offence that can make goods liable to seizure.

    A manifest should be prepared for each container and should show :

    1. The container number,
    2. The names of the owners,
    3. The number of packages/items.

    Transportation to Saint-Auban from Marseille or Fos sur Mer

    If the sailplanes are in trailers shipped in 40" containers to MARSEILLE or FOS SUR MER you may unpack your container at MARSEILLE or FOS SUR MER ports and then have the trailers towed to Saint-Auban.

    You may also have your container directly sent to Saint-Auban which is located within the city limits of Chateau-Arnoux. Next to Chateau-Arnoux townhall there is a ramp which can be used for rolling on and off the trailer from the container.

    Containerized shipments which do not include trailers will need to be directly delivered to Saint-Auban. Unless prior arrangements are made with the shipping company to hire the container for the duration of your stay, the container will need to be returned empty to MARSEILLE or FOS SUR MER on the same day they arrive at Saint-Auban.

    Furthermore there is no special lifting equipment available at Saint-Auban for unloading or loading 40" container. Please bear in mind that crane rental will be necessary for such handling.

    If you have any difficulty shipping your sailplane, or if you need any additional information or advice, please contact Delta Shipping Overseas by facsimile for a prompt reply:

    The persons to contact are Mr KOECHLIN or Mrs DUGOUJON.


    We remind you that a third party insurance up to 5 000 000 FF. for a single seater and up to 10 000 000 FF. for a double seater is required for each sailplane. Personal medical insurance is also necessary for all team members. You will have the possibility to subscribe such an insurance for your sailplane at the registration desk. We are currently negotiating the price of this insurance with our broker.


    There is still a lot of accommodation available around Saint-Auban. If you have any problems with your reservations, please feel free to contact us by facsimile.


    Please remember the Championships deadlines :

    Final entries due : 28 February 1997
    Deadline for class change : 29 April 1997
    Registration : 19 - 27 June 1997
    Configuration change closes : 28 June 1997 (10.00 a.m.)
    Official training : 22 - 28 June 1997
    First Team Captains briefing : 28 June 1997 (6.00 p.m.)
    Opening Ceremony : 29 June 1997 (10.30 a.m.)
    Contest flying : 30 June - 12 July 1997
    Closing Ceremony and prizegiving : 13 July 1997 (11.00 a.m.)

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