...3 Months to go

We are now less than three months from the beginning of the championships and the preparations are going smoothly. The weather during the beginning of spring in the Southern Alps was fantastic and several flights over 1000 km have been achieved. We hope that these conditions will prevail till the end of the WGC !

...Late entries

Since we have several no-shows we have decided to accept late entries in the 15m class and in the Open class. The entry forms must reach us before the deadline for class change (29 April) and the maximum total number of entries is still 8 pilots per country.

...The Rules are approved

At the IGC meeting held in Brussels on 13-15 March, both the Official Rules and the Local Regulations were approved. The following minor modifications to the text sent in the attachment to bulletin 3 have to be made:

In the official rules :

  • Cover page : Replace the sentence : «Draft 7 to be approved by the IGC» by the sentence : «Approved by the IGC on 15 March 1997 in Brussels»
  • Paragraph 3.5 (Official training) : replace «six days» by «seven days»
  • Comments to the Rules : Delete sentence «3.5 the practice period will be of six days»
  • In the Local Regulations:

  • Cover page : Replace the sentence : «Draft 7 to be approved by the IGC» by the sentence : «Approved by the IGC on 15 March 1997 in Brussels»
  • Paragraph 15.5 (Safety) : Replace the sentence: «The Organisers may impose color stickers» by the sentence : «The Organisers will impose color stickers»
  • Penalty list : Replace the sentence : «flying under influence of alcohol» by the sentence : «flying under the influence of alcohol or drugs»
  • The official version of the Rules and Regulations will be handed out to the competitors with the information kit after their registration in Saint-Auban.

    ...Colour stickers will be mandatory

    As mentioned above, for safety reasons, large colour stickers provided by the Organisers will be displayed on the leading edge of all gliders. This rule has been approved by a large majority in a special vote of the IGC Delegates. The markings will be applied during the scrutineering process.

    ...All barographs will have to be calibrated

    The IGC has also decided that all barographs including those in the loggers will have to be calibrated. As a result all competitors will have to provide a valid barograph trace (performed after 29 June 96). The Organisers will calibrate all barographs without a valid calibration trace but they will charge 150 FF per calibration.

    ...Official List of turn points

    Some minor corrections had to be made in the official list of turn points published with the last bulletin :

    Turn points : #41 GAP "E006°05,233' " instead of "E006°5,233' "

    #3 ALPE D'HUEZ and #57 MEGEVE HM are type "TL" instead of type "TA" (because this is a mountain airfield with a steep slope to the runway)

    #159 ST AUBAN MX is type "STA" instead of type "TSA"

    Enclosed is a floppy containing an ASCII file of the corrected WGS 84 coordinates of the turn points and departure points. Thanks to John Leibacher you will find, on the same floppy, a conversion of this file into files readable by the most common Flight Recorders. Information on these files is included in a read-me file.

    The official list is also available on the website in several formats and may be downloaded from there.

    A catalogue of the turn points, with photographs and maps, will be provided at registration.

    ...List of airfields and off-field landing sites

    A list of airfields and off-field landing sites is also attached.

    The data and coordinates of the off-field landing sites are for information only and in no way can the organizers or the land-owners be held liable in case of an accident occurring when landing on such a field.

    For some areas there is an agreement with the owner; for the others there is no such agreement, thus no guarantee relative to the safety of landing can be given.

    Some fields are unusable at certain periods of the year (high crops, crops stocked on site, etc.). Preliminary flying and walking inspections are strongly recommended before landing on some of these sites.

    The enclosed floppy disk also contains the ASCII file of the WGS84 coordinates of the airfields and off-field landing sites. These files have also been converted into files readable by the most common Flight Recorders and the official list is also available on the website in several formats and may be downloaded from there.

    A booklet of the off-field landing sites with more complete information (photographs, precautions, recommended procedures) will be included in the information kit supplied at registration.


    The Airspace Rules in the contest area are described in the attached document. Please read them carefully.

    We have made arrangements with the Airspace Authorities so that, during the official training period and the contest period, no clearance will be required for flights in the contest zone from ground level to FL 195. The contingency plan which has been set up is also described in the attached document.

    ...Flight Recorders

    The Print Technik GR 1000 Flight Recorder will be accepted since it received IGC approval from the GFAC on 20 March.

    Since most competitors will use Cambridge Flight Recorders it may be useful to inform them that a rare but serious bug has been discovered in the firmware of these loggers. Cambridge proposes a free upgrade at their factory. Please contact the manufacturer or his local agent as soon as possible.

    ...Doping controls

    French law requires that doping controls must be performed during all national and international Championships run in our country. Tests will be carried out according to the attached FAI policy. The list of prohibited substances is the official list of the International Olympic Committee valid at the moment of the taking of the sample. This includes alcohol, marijuana and beta-blockers. Attached is the latest valid list provided by the FAI. (not in this HTML version)

    ...Donıt forget to validate your pilot licence

    As mentioned in our previous bulletin, pilots whose licence does not conform with ICAO standards have to validate their licence by returning the form attached to Bulletin 3 and the required documents to us at least one month before their arrival at Saint-Auban or the airfield where they will practise. This rule also applies to your crew if they are considering flying in France. In this case they have to be specifically briefed and authorised by the local Chief Pilot on the airfield where they intend to fly.

    ...Remember the flags and the anthems

    Please mail your national flag to the competition office to reach us before 15 May. It is needed for the official opening parade and for permanent flying and we would like to have them in advance. The size should be approximately 0.6 m x 1.4 m. Donıt forget to bring with you to Saint-Auban as many flags as you will need for the prize giving ceremony. Also, please mail us, at the same time, your national anthem in a C-cassette. If we have it on hand now, that is one less thing we both have to worry about.


    Each Team will have a bungalow (6,2m x 2,4m ) at their diposal in the International Village. Smaller teams may have to share. Larger bungalows can be made available at extra cost (7.500 FF TTC) upon request. Please contact us as soon as possible.

    ...Identification Badges

    All pilots, crew and Team Captains are required to wear an identification badge at all times while on the contest site. To allow us to prepare the badges before their arrival the crew are requested to send us two passport photographs before 15 May.

    ...Pilots and Team Manager profiles

    Unfortunately most of you have not sent a description of your career or background with the entry forms. We absolutely require a profile of every pilot and team manager for the official program. The text should be about 250 words and must reach us before 15 May.

    ...Flying to Saint-Auban with a powered aircraft

    The use of the airfield of Saint-Auban will be basically restricted to the gliders and towplanes during the official training period and the competition. Nevertheless powered aircraft may fly into Saint-Auban provided a prior clearance has been obtained. This clearance has to be requested by fax at least 3 hours before the planned arrival and will only be valid for an arrival in a given time period. The fax number is the following :

    (33) 4 92 64 30 18


    We are pleased to confirm that we will have a change office on the airfield. However, for technical reasons we will not have a complete banking facility on site. For your information, there are three bank agencies in Saint-Auban or Château-Arnoux. Their addresses are :

      ...Car rental

    Cars, with or without tow bars, may be rented at the rates indicated in Bulletin 3 from the following company:

    121, Avenue du Prado
    13008 MARSEILLE
    Tel +33 4 91 17 53 19
    Fax +33 4 91 17 53 15

    The person to contact is Mr. DE BOUTRAY

    ...Catering arrangements-Food and Drink

    The real heart of the Championships will be the Airfield Restaurant in the Hangar «Aniel». Simple food and drink, reasonably priced, will be available throughout the day. In addition this is where the results will be on display so it is sure to be the main place to gather with friends, to discuss the dayıs events, hear the latest stories and relax.


    We plan to provide entertainment every night of the contest in the «Vol de Nuit» corner of the Restaurant Hangar. We will have local artists and bands. Several Teams have also promised to organise their National party. Please let us know if you too wish to host a National evening and let us know what night you would prefer.

  • Late entries must reach us by before 29 April.
  • Have you sent a profile of every pilot and team manager for the official programme ? They should be about 250 words and must reach us by 15 May.
  • Have you sent your national flag and national anthem (C-cassette) ? They should reach us before 15 May.
  • Did you return the validation form for your Gliding Pilot Licence ? (Only required for pilots whose licence does not conform with ICAO standards) The form and the required documents must be received at least one month before your arrival.
  • Did you send two passport type photos of the pilots, team managers and crews ? They should be mailed to us before 15 May.
  • Did you return the Third Party Insurance form for your glider ? This should be done before 15 May. (If needed insurance will be available on site).
  • Did you tell us if you would be prepared to organise your countryıs official party and what night you would prefer ?

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