Late class changes

Saint-Auban, June 4th, 1997

to All Team Correspondants
to the Members of the International Jury
to the Stewards

Subject : Late Class Changes

Dear Team Captain,

We got two requests for Class Change after the deadline of 29 April :

1. Ingo Renner (Australia) wishes to fly a ASH26 in the open class instead of a LS6 in the 15m class to the open Class. Beryl Hartley, Australian Team Captain, informed us before 29 th April that he had difficulties to rent a competitive open class glider and we advised her to enter Ingo in the 15m class with a possibility to change until end of May.

2. Henrik Breidahl (Denmark) had in the meantime a problem with the rental of his standard class glider. His team captain Edwin Thomsen asks us to consider the possibility to let him change to open class flying with a Nimbus 3.

We believe that both requests are well-founded and have decided to accept them.

We informed the International Jury about these Class Changes and they advised us to formally notify you as to the reason for allowing these changes subsequent to the deadline.

We hope that you will accept these changes and thank you for your understanding.

Looking forward to meeting you in Saint Auban,

Michel Fache
Competition Director

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