A new Championships Director for WGC'97

Copy of letter sent to FAI

Dear Sir,

As you probably know, Jacky Clairbaux resigned recently his appointment as WGC 97 Director of the Competition because he was in conflict with most members of the WGC Organization Committee and of the Executive Committee of the FFVV.

We are pleased to inform you that we have appointed Michel FACHE as the new Director of the Championships.

Michel FACHE is a well known competitor, one of our best specialists of the Alps and he was winner of several competitions including the "Coupe du Monde de Vol en Montagne" in Vinon and the "Open de Fayence". He was also member of the French Team in Rieti.

He is member of the Executive Committee of the FFVV, Chairman of the Sports Commission.

He organised several times the International Contest in Bailleau and the French Championships. Furthermore he was some years ago the french Alternate at the IGC.

Professionally he is responsible of a department employing 160 persons at Dassault Electronics.

We are fully confident that he will be the right men to manage this event, and we hope that the IGC will approve our choice.

Roland Stuck

Chairman of the WGC Organization Committee.

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