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What is Gliding ? Qu'est ce que le vol à voile... ?

Results :

  • Last Results,   Live  from Saint-Auban
    updated minute by minute

    Lavender Glide Results
  • Official Training Results
  • Contest Results
  • News Bulletins :

  • Official invitation (17-oct-96)
  • Bulletin 1 (29-oct-96)
  • Bulletin 2 (16-jan-97)
  • Bulletin 3 (11-mar-97)
  • Bulletin 4 (22-apr-97)
  • Bulletin 5 (13-may-97)
  • Late class changes (4-jun-97)
  • Official Programme (13-jun-97)
  • Official Rules :

  • FAI Sporting Code, General Section
  • FAI Sporting Code, Section 3 (Gliders)
  • Annex A to FAI Sporting Code, Section 3 (Rules for World and Continental Championships)
  • Official Rules for the 25th World Gliding Championships 1997 (general rules and local regulations) - Approved by IGC
  • Airspace Rules
  • Official list of turn points , airfields and, for information only, off-field landing sites list
  • Final Entries :

  • National teams
  • Pilots (by class : standard, 15m, open)
  • Championships information :

    Last report on the preparations of WGC '97

  • 1997 update, now in english : Pôle France Vol à Voile - CFHN : Fly with double World Champion Eric Napoléon at his unique soaring training center in Saint-Auban
  • Where is Saint-Auban ?
  • Weather today
  • A new Championship Director : Michel FACHE
  • Accomodation on airfield, in camping, cheap, at hotels, in country "gîte rural"
  • Emergency Location Transmitters special offer by SERPE-IESM
  • What is gliding ? (all about this magnificent sport) - More information in french

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    The 25th world Gliding Championships
    are an official event
    organized under the aegis of
    Fédération Aéronautique Internationale

    Acknowledgments to WGC'97 Partners, Official Sponsors and other supports

    Miscellaneous links :

  • Lavender Glide results
  • on the server of the french soaring association (FFVV)

  • Very comprehensive site about Provence Côte d'Azur region (around Saint-Auban, beyond French Riviera)

    Click on map to locate Saint-Auban...
  • region map
  • Other World Gliding Championships :
  • logo WAG

    Votre banniere gratuite sur Cyb'AIR
    Member of Cyb'AIR Exchange

    Visit Philippe de Péchy's "Vol à Voile" (Soaring) server : infos, ad's, glider pictures, GPS turnpoints coordinates, competitions results and an unofficial ranking of all glider pilots in the world.

    Other sites of soaring interest :
  • World Gliding Championships 1997, Saint-Auban, France (championnats du monde de vol à voile)
  • L'aéro-club du Bas-Armagnac, Nogaro (Gers, France) Aeroclub of Bas-Armagnac
  • Classement Vuillemot - French Soaring Pilots Permanent Ranking
  • Classement International - Results and Ranking
  • Fédération française de vol à voile - French Soaring Association
  • Les cumulus vus par satellite (Université de Strasbourg) - See cumuluses via satellite
  • NOAA visible

    *change banni*res
    réseau Ex-Echo

    Certification d'audience E-Stat Web page by Denis Flament (from Nogaro aeroclub)
    updated : 16-june-97