Taking off from Saint-Auban airfield (photo by Graulhet aeroclub)  
Photographs of the day (by Pierre Arrignon)
27 June : rain and very few practice flights. Setup of anticollision markings on a wingtip...

28 juin : after task has been cancelled 
29 June : Opening Day
FAI and FFVV officials
Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon (right) , spanish pilot but acting as FAI representative, put accent on efforts to promote Soaring on media, saying that if God had wanted Man to fly, He would have provided him... more money. He his seen here together with André Monet (left), president of  FFVV (french soaring association).
Mayor of Château-Arnoux-St-Auban, José Escanez, officially welcomed all the competitors ; on his side, Angela Sheard traducing his speech as other's into english as WGC interpreter.
Vintage Planes
On the afternoon, the Airshow

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