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What is the Pôle France Vol à Voile ?

Unique in Europe, the "Pôle France" Vol à Voile (previously called "Centre de Formation et de Haut-Niveau" - Training &Top-Level Sportive Center for gliding) is the technical capital of the French Soaring Federation (FFVV).

It offers the possibility of perfecting your gliding in an exceptional aerological site from Southern to Northern french Alps, with the best expert instruction and the best technical equipment.

Mountain ranges that climbs up to the highest peaks in the Alps criss crossed with rivers, streams and lakes, make this region a major center for outdoor sports of all kinds, for airsports in particuliar.

The plateaus of the south and Alps to the north are blessed with an extremely diverse aerology with wave, ridge and thermal lift prevalent all year round.

The Pôle's activity is complementary to the more traditional club's ; it is especially adapted to give pilots a specific training for flying in mountain areas, in training them for competitions and perfecting long distance flights, aerobatics, etc.

In 1995, 1343 pilots flew there 25,614 hours...

Who can come to fly there ?

Any qualified pilot, whatever his or her level and experience are.

The Pôle is opened all year round and can fit in with your wishes, needs and skills

  • You can bring your own glider or fly those of the center,
  • Individual pilots are welcome as well as group or clubs,
  • Families are welcome too.

  • Whatever your soaring dreams are, we'll make them true !


    The training courses start on monday morning.

    The first day at 8:45 a.m., in the hall, to sort up any questions of accomodation, insurances, entry forms...

    Every day at 9:30 a.m. in one of the class rooms, the briefing :

  • Choice of a daily theme according to the type of course : map preparation, wave flying, off-field landing, computers, airspace..
  • Debriefing of yesterday's flights,
  • Weather forcast,
  • Attribution of gliders and organizing into flight groups,
  • then the gliders are brought out of the hangars and placed into grid, lunch time... and flight !

    The staff

    14 persons work at center including 5 instructors led by Eric Napoléon, Chief Pilot, 1993 and 1995 World Champion (15 m class).

    Such a high level team achieves the best safety conditions and courses.

    The equipment

    Gliders :

  • Nimbus IV D, Nimbus III D, ASH 25, Duo-Discus, DG 500 two-seaters,
  • Ventus II, LS 6, LS 7, LS 8, Discus, ASW 24, Crystal, Pégase, Swift single-seaters.
  • Towplanes :

  • Morane MS 235, Piper Pawnee
  • Accomodation :

    Around the airfield, the Pôle's main building opens into a very large hall with bar and phone boxes.

    The two exterior wings and the upper floors house the class and conference rooms, the administrative offices and accomodation reserved for the trainees. The bedrooms are either single or two or three beds and are equipped with shower and toilet. Near the building, a camper area allows more than 20 RV installations with facilities (toilet, water, electric connection) and several bungalows equipped for 4 persons (2 bedrooms, 1 main room with kitchen, 1 bathroom with shower and toilet)

    Click on map Provence mapfor access details

    Programme 1997 :

  • Advanced soaring
  • Advanced mountain soaring
  • Training for competition
  • Long distance flying
  • Specific courses : "grandads and granies" ; open class ; national teams training ; "Comités régionaux" ; young regional pilots ; Meteo-France staff courses ; autumnal and winter flying ; women's training courses, etc.
  • Decentralized courses : Romorantin's "International Air", contests, "à la carte" course on your airfield...
  • Aerobatic training (basic, advanced, competition).
  • Sporting events in Saint-Auban in 1997 :

  • World Championships : June 29th-July 13th,
  • For young pilots (under 25 year old) : "Coupe de France de Vol en Montagne" (France cup of mountain flying) : July 21st - 30th (tasks)
  • Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur contest : August 25th -30th (tasks)
  • Miscellaneous :

    The first ski resorts are at one hour driving, so do not forget your equipment in winter !

    You will be in an extremely diverse and picturesque region not far from les "Gorges du Verdon", Aix-en Provence, Avignon, Nice...

    From June 16th to July 18th, 1997, because of WGC, no training courses.

    Extract of Prices (as of 1997) :

  • Yearly membership : 250 FF
  • Non-resident glider (per week) : 250 FF
  • Flight hours (free of charge from the 5th hour on) : 100 to 210 FF - aerobatics 300 FF
  • Tow (per 1/100 h) : 14.50 FF
  • Room (per person) : 75 to 130 FF
  • Bungalow (4 persons, per week) : 1575 to 2100 FF
  • Camping (per day, per site + per person) : 20 FF
  • From November 1st to end of February, 75% discount on gliding hours (under25 years old), or 50% discount (over 25 years old)

    Entry form :

    Ask to :

    Pôle France Vol à Voile
    04600 SAINT-AUBAN
    Voice : +33 (0) 492 642 971 - Fax : +33 (0) 492 642 383

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    Member of Cyb'AIR Exchange

    Visit Philippe de Péchy's "Vol à Voile" (Soaring) server : infos, ad's, glider pictures, GPS turnpoints coordinates, competitions results and an unofficial ranking of all glider pilots in the world.

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