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Cicadas' E-Song
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"L' E-Chant des Cigales" est un bulletin d'information électronique (principalement en anglais) qui vous sera envoyé régulierement pour vous tenir informé des préparatifs des 25èmes championnats du monde de vol a voile de Saint-Auban et vous fournir un resumé des épreuves et des résultats deux fois par jour pendant le championnat lui-même.

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"Cicadas' e-song"

With the spring, air goes warmer and warmer in french Southern Alps and in Saint-Auban. In summer evenings are still quite hot and that's the time when you can enjoy your rest after a long flight and listen to cicadas (these little insects very typical in this dry region, which rub their wings to produce a rather pleasant song).

That's why I chose "Cicadas' e-song" as a title for this small e-mail bulletin, since "Mistral's whispers" (I hope it won't be mistral's roarings...) will be the name of the complete daily bulletin by Janet Hider-Smith - that of course you'll find here also in an electronic version...

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Visit Philippe de Péchy's "Vol à Voile" (Soaring) server : infos, ad's, glider pictures, GPS turnpoints coordinates, competitions results and an unofficial ranking of all glider pilots in the world.

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