List of Off-field Landing Sites

Official list, 28-mar-97

Disclaimer :

The off-field landing sites data and coordinates are for information only and in no way can the organizers or the land-owners be liable in case of accident.

For some areas there is an agreement with the owner, for the others there isn't, thus no guarantee relative to safety of landing may be given.

Some fields are unusable at certain periods of the year (high crops, crops stocked on site, etc.). Prior flying and walking inspections are essential for some zones.

More complete information (officially agreed areas, photographs, precautions, fields information, procedures) will be available on site in a special booklet.

The pilot-in-command is solely responsible for the preparation and the carrying out of the flight. Therefore it is always the pilot's responsibility to choose an appropriate emergency field to make a safe landing.


Although this HTML file and data converted into other GPS formats are supposed to be as accurate as possible, each competitor has to check what actually is in his flight recorder or flight computer.

Look at errata !
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                                                      TERRAIN PRIVE OU VELISURFACE

NR TYPE CODE      NAME                     ALT        LATITUDE          LONGITUDE
NR TYPE CODE      NOM                      ALT        LATITUDE          LONGITUDE
Southern Alps :
01 ZA   QUINSO    QUINSON                  500 m      N43°41,001'       E006°04,290'
02 ZA   ZAAUPS    AUPS                     450 m      N43°37,511'       E006°10,976'
03 ZA   AMPUS     AMPUS                    625 m      N43°37,017'       E006°20,926'
04 CH   LOGIS     LOGIS DU PIN             1025 m     N43°46,650'       E006°38,467'
05 ZA   ZACAIL    CAILLE                   1080 m     N43°46,686'       E006°44,689'
06 ZA   LAMURE    LA MURE                  930 m      N43°58,923'       E006°31,866'
07 CH   THORAM    THORAME                  1100 m     N44°04,618'       E006°28,417'
08 CH   MARCOU    MARCOUX                  700 m      N44°07,700'       E006°17,188'
09 CH   SELONN    SELONNET                 1074 m     N44°22,101'       E006°18,808'
10 CH   ESPINA    ESPINASSE                650 m      N44°27,630'       E006°13,097'
11 CH   MONTGA    MONTGARDIN               800 m      N44°32,978'       E006°12,822'
12 CH   LECASS    LE CASSET                1500 m     N44°58,895'       E006°29,778'
13 CH   PREBOI    PREBOIS                  760 m      N44°47,443'       E005°41,314'
14 ZA   MONTMA    MONTMAUR                 900 m      N44°33,629'       E005°51,441'
15 ZA   ZALUC     LUC EN DIOIS             630 m      N44°35,548'       E005°28,440'
16 CH   SAOU      SAOU                     300 m      N44°38,200'       E005°03,766'
17 CH   CHROSA    ROSANS                   620 m      N44°22,887'       E005°28,305'
18 ZA   STJALL    ST JALLE                 440 m      N44°20,073'       E005°18,190'
19 CH   CHSEDR    SEDERON                  750 m      N44°13,240'       E005°34,482'
20 CH   PUGET     PUGET                    133 m      N43°44,924'       E005°16,570'
21 CH   LOURMA    LOURMARIN                280 m      N43°45,541'       E005°23,961'
22 DI   TRIGAN    TRIGANCE                 740 m      N43°44,957'       E006°28,288'
23 DI   DIBARR    BARREME                  780 m      N43°59,545'       E006°23,206'
24 DI   STBLAI    ST BLAISE                1200 m     N44°52,372'       E006°36,593'
25 DI   LEROSI    LE ROSIER                1400 m     N44°55,868'       E006°40,942'
26 DI   SAVOUL    SAVOULX : DANGEROUS - No longer usable !
27 DI   PELLAF    PELLAFOL                 915 m      N44°48,186'       E005°54,279'
28 PA   TRETS     TRETS                    240 m      N43°28,830'       E005°42,690'
29 PA   STCROI    ST CROIX DE VERDON       650 m      N43°46,690'       E006°09,585'
30 PA   PASEYN    SEYNE                    1200 m     N44°20,538'       E006°22,361'
31 PA   LAMOTT    LA MOTTE DU CAIRE        650 m      N44°19,524'       E006°01,855'
32 PA   LESCRO    LES CROTS                780 m      N44°32,158'       E006°26,020'
33 PA   CHABOT    CHABOTTES                1080 m     N44°39,272'       E006°11,028'
34 PA   AIXEND    AIX EN DIOIS             530 m      N44°41,356'       E005°24,542'
35 PA   AUBENA    AUBENASSON               240 m      N44°41,698'       E005°09,037'
36 PA   CEREST    CERESTE                  330 m      N43°51,040'       E005°32,961'
37 PA   NOSSAG    NOSSAGE ET BENEVENT      650 m      N44°18,941'       E005°44,658'
Northern Alps :
51 CH   CHCHAM    LES PRAZ DE CHAMONIX     1100 m     N45°56,650'       E006°54,150'
52 CH   CHHOUC    LES HOUCHES              900 m      N45°53,900'       E006°49,200'
53 CH   LANDRY    LANDRY                   750 m      N45°34,300'       E006°44,100'
54 CH   LABATI    LA BATIE                 375 m      N45°38,110'       E006°27,130'
55 CH   MONTME    MONTMELIAN-FRANCIN       260 m      N45°29,400'       E006°02,300'
56 CH   LAMBAU    LA MOTTE-EN-BAUGES       710 m      N45°42,500'       E006°07,300'
57 CH   ECOLEB    ECOLE-EN-BAUGES          750 m      N45°38,500'       E006°10,000'
58 PA   STREMY    ST-REMY-DE-MAURIENNE     450 m      N45°22,160'       E006°16,920'
59 CH   CHVIF     VIF                      200 m      N45°04,600'       E005°40,900'
60 CH   GRISAI    GRISAIL                  850 m      N44°57,000'       E005°37,500'
61 CH   CHDIE     DIE                      550 m      N44°46,100'       E005°21,200'
62 ZA   BERNEX    BERNEX FAVERGES          880 m      N46°22,000'       E006°38,000'
63 ZA   TANNIN    TANNINGES                630 m      N46°06,000'       E006°36,000'
64 ZA   ZABONN    BONNEVILLE               455 m      N46°05,000'       E006°25,000'
65 ZA   DOUSSA    DOUSSARD                 465 m      N45°45,600'       E006°14,000'
66 ZA   AITON     AITON                    300 m      N45°34,400'       E006°15,000'
67 ZA   STVINC    ST VINCENT MERCUSE       400 m      N45°22,580'       E005°58,520'
68 ZA   ECHELL    ECHELLES                 400 m      N45°25,600'       E005°46,000'
69 ZA   VOREPP    VOREPPE  (corn, maïs)    200 m      N45°16,700'       E005°37,700'

Notes :

PA landing sites are not considered as airfields for bonus in distance tasks, except :
30 PA      SEYNE

When there are a landing site and a turning point with the same name,
CH (or DI, PA, ZA) has been set at beginning of Code.

Beware that not all points with Code beginning by CH or DI are landing sites,
some are only turning points in unlandable area !

Fields from older Alpes du Sud or Alpes du Nord booklets are to be deleted if not in this list,
as they are no longer usable or may be dangerous.

See also the complete list of airfields in competition area and official turnpoints.

Thanks to John Leibacher, who has created and maintains a Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange, you can find these turnpoints and off-fields areas in files of suitable format for almost every GPS unit, logger or flight computer as well as a map and even sunset times !

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