Official List of Turn Points


Although this HTML file and data converted into other GPS formats are supposed to be as accurate as possible, each competitor has to check what actually is in his flight recorder or flight computer.
Look at errata !
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Paper documentation distributed by Organizers, as well as possible corrections specified at briefings, are the only authorized reference.

In this list TYPE stands : T for Turn Point, A for Airfield, S for Start Point, F for final reporting point, L for Landing place (mountain airports)

TP# CODE            NAME                          TARGET                                         TYPE LATITUDE     LONGITUDE     ALT
1   AIGUIN          AIGUINES                      Bridge                                         T    N43°48,089'  E006°14,969'  550m
2   ANNECY          ANNECY LP                     North threshold                                TA   N45°56,077'  E006°06,313'  461m
3   ALPEDH          ALPE D'HUEZ                   Twr                                            TL   N45°05,241'  E006°05,040'  1860m
4   ANNOT           ANNOT                         Railway station                                T    N43°57,833'  E006°40,340'  700m
5   AUPS            AUPS                          Church                                         T    N43°37,695'  E006°13,584'  500m
6   BRBRIN          BARBERINE                     Power station                                  T    N46°03,047'  E006°56,924'  1130m
7   BARBIE          BARBIERE                      Factory                                        T    N44°57,337'  E005°08,346'  425m
8   BARDO           BARDONECCHIA                  Railway station                                T    N45°04,619'  E006°42,633'  1260m
9   BAREME          BARREME                       Crossroads                                     T    N43°57,135'  E006°21,954'  720m
10  BEAURI          BEAURIERE                     Railway station                                T    N44°34,170'  E005°33,210'  730m
11  BEDOIN          BEDOIN                        Cemetery                                       T    N44°07,589'  E005°10,592'  310m
12  BISSOR          BISSORTE                      Dam                                            T    N45°10,812'  E006°34,788'  2085m
13  BONVAL          BONNEVAL / ARC                Church                                         T    N45°22,282'  E007°02,703'  1780m
14  BNVILL          BONNEVILLE                    East crossroads                                T    N46°04,213'  E006°25,882'  450m
15  BOURDX          BOURDEAUX                     Church                                         T    N44°35,149'  E005°08,051'  410m
16  BSMAUR          BOURG ST MAURICE              Railway station                                T    N45°37,090'  E006°46,260'  810m
17  BRINCO          BRIANCON                      Railway station                                T    N44°53,391'  E006°37,998'  1230m
18  BRIGNO          BRIGNOLLES                    Motorway crossing east                         T    N43°25,344'  E006°04,059'  230m
19  CADNET          CADENET                       Church                                         T    N43°44,199'  E005°22,523'  210m
20  CAILLE          CAILLE                        Church                                         T    N43°46,716'  E006°43,658'  1150m
21  CARPEN          CARPENTRAS TQ                 North threshold                                TA   N44°01,898'  E005°04,705'  120m
22  CASTIL          CASTILLON                     Dam                                            T    N43°52,710'  E006°32,234'  885m
23  CHAMO           CHAMONIX                      Railway station                                T    N45°55,383'  E006°52,542'  1030m
24  CHPVAL          LA CHAPELLE EN VALGAUDEMAR    Church                                         T    N44°48,991'  E006°11,675'  1090m
25  CHQRAS          CHATEAU QUEYRAS               Castle                                         T    N44°45,311'  E006°47,284'  1450m
26  CHNEUF          CHATEAUNEUF VAL ST DONNAT     Church                                         T    N44°05,534'  E005°56,933'  560m
27  CHDIOI          CHATILLON EN DIOIS            Church                                         T    N44°41,690'  E005°29,132'  570m
28  CHAVAI          CHAVAILLES                    Church                                         T    N44°09,860'  E006°27,734'  1190m
29  CCABRE          COL DE CABRE                  Refuge                                         T    N44°32,985'  E005°35,912'  1180m
30  CARVIS          COL DES ARAVIS                Church                                         T    N45°52,956'  E006°27,897'  1490m
31  CROUSS          COL DU ROUSSET                Parking                                        T    N44°50,400'  E005°24,332'  1255m
32  COLMAR          COLMARS                       Church                                         T    N44°10,790'  E006°37,604'  1250m
33  CREST           CREST                         Railway station                                T    N44°43,780'  E005°00,836'  195m
34  DIEGAR          DIE                           Railway station                                T    N44°45,500'  E005°21,742'  390m
35  DIGNE           DIGNE                         Railway station                                T    N44°05,250'  E006°13,334'  560m
36  EMBRUN          EMBRUN                        Railway station                                T    N44°34,266'  E006°29,823'  820m
37  EBONDE          ETANG DE LA BONDE             South edge of lake                             T    N43°45,499'  E005°30,303'  330m
38  FAVERG          FAVERGES                      Railway station                                T    N45°45,102'  E006°17,632'  505m
39  FAYENC          FAYENCE MF                    West threshold, north of concrete runway       TA   N43°36,654'  E006°41,605'  226m
40  FOUX            LA FOUX D'ALLOS               Church                                         T    N44°16,632'  E006°34,713'  1720m
41  GAP             GAP VILLE                     Railway station                                T    N44°33,840'  E006°05,233'  740m
42  GORDES          GORDES                        Church                                         T    N43°54,640'  E005°12,011'  390m
43  JAUSIE          JAUSIERS                      Center of lake                                 T    N44°25,265'  E006°44,444'  1220m
44  CLUSE           LA CLUSE                      Church                                         T    N44°38,390'  E005°50,933'  1210m
45  LJAVIE          LA JAVIE                      Bridge over Bléone                             T    N44°10,292'  E006°20,989'  805m
46  MOTCHL          LA MOTTE CHALANCON            Church                                         T    N44°29,140'  E005°22,762'  550m
47  MTTCAI          LA MOTTE DU CAIRE             Church                                         T    N44°20,700'  E006°01,743'  730m
48  LCARCS          LAC DE CARCÈS                 Dam                                            T    N43°27,760'  E006°12,610'  170m
49  LARAGN          LARAGNE MONTÉGLIN             Railway station                                T    N44°18,980'  E005°49,123'  570m
50  CASSET          LE CASSET                     Church                                         T    N44°59,176'  E006°28,974'  1480m
51  LEMUY           LE MUY                        Motorway toll                                  T    N43°27,639'  E006°33,055'  35m
52  HOUCHE          LES HOUCHES                   Viaduc Ste Marie                               T    N45°53,813'  E006°47,162'  965m
53  LUCDIO          LUC EN DIOIS                  Railway station                                T    N44°36,830'  E005°27,272'  560m
54  LUSCRX          LUS LA CROIX HAUTE            Church                                         T    N44°39,935'  E005°42,322'  1050m
55  MALJAS          MALJASSET                     Church                                         T    N44°35,650'  E006°50,640'  1910m
56  MALFOU          MALFOUGASSE                   Church                                         TS   N44°03,980'  E005°53,878'  700m
57  MEGEVE          MEGEVE HM                     Runway north border                            TL   N45°49,513'  E006°38,867'  1470m
58  MENS            MENS                          Church                                         T    N44°49,106'  E005°45,122'  759m
59  MEZEL           MEZEL                         Church                                         TS   N43°59,845'  E006°11,724'  590m
60  MODANE          MODANE                        Wind tunnel                                    T    N45°12,762'  E006°42,673'  1100m
61  MONTAU          MONTAUD                       Church                                         T    N45°15,751'  E005°33,781'  750m
62  MTMEYA          MONTMEYAN                     Church                                         T    N43°38,819'  E006°03,764'  500m
64  MOUSTR          MOUSTIERS STE MARIE           Church                                         T    N43°50,760'  E006°13,324'  630m
65  MOUTIR          MOUTIERS                      Crossroads                                     T    N45°28,879'  E006°32,048'  500m
66  SALETE          ND DE LA SALETTE              Sanctuary                                      T    N44°51,523'  E005°58,692'  1805m
67  NYONS           NYONS                         Bridge                                         T    N44°21,585'  E005°08,632'  260m
68  ORCIER          ORCIERRES                     Church                                         T    N44°41,130'  E006°19,593'  1400m
69  ORPIER          ORPIERRE                      Church                                         T    N44°18,840'  E005°41,583'  690m
70  PLAMPI          PLAMPINET                     Church                                         T    N45°00,191'  E006°39,763'  1480m
71  PCHARA          PONTCHARRA                    Motorway toll                                  T    N45°25,540'  E005°59,711'  255m
72  PRAPOU          PRAPOUTEL                     Ski resort                                     T    N45°15,386'  E005°59,672'  1350m
73  PRMCAR          PRE DE MME CARLE              Parking                                        T    N44°55,007'  E006°24,971'  1880m
74  RIANS           RIANS                         Church                                         T    N43°36,389'  E005°45,404'  400m
75  ROCHER          LA ROCHE DE RAME              Factory                                        T    N44°44,187'  E006°34,954'  930m
76  RCHMOL          ROCHEMOLLES                   Dam                                            T    N45°07,647'  E006°45,863'  1980m
77  ROMANS          ROMANS HE                     Northwest parking                              TA   N45°03,771'  E005°05,632'  181m
78  ROSANS          ROSANS                        Church                                         T    N44°23,588'  E005°28,232'  700m
79  RUSTRE          RUSTREL                       Church                                         T    N43°55,430'  E005°29,160'  410m
80  SAILLA          SAILLANS                      Church                                         T    N44°41,820'  E005°11,852'  280m
81  SALLAN          SALLANCHES HZ                 North threshold                                TA   N45°57,234'  E006°38,350'  535m
82  SAMOEN          SAMOENS                       Church                                         T    N46°05,028'  E006°43,558'  710m
83  SAUTET          LE SAUTET                     Dam                                            T    N44°49,051'  E005°54,512'  800m
84  SAVINE          SAVINES LE LAC                South border of bridge                         T    N44°31,655'  E006°23,969'  786m
85  SEDRON          SEDERON                       Church                                         T    N44°12,350'  E005°32,233'  800m
86  SERPON          SERRE PONCON                  Dam center                                     T    N44°28,315'  E006°16,233'  790m
87  SERRES          SERRES                        Railway station                                T    N44°25,690'  E005°43,118'  670m
88  SEYNE           SEYNE LES ALPES               Church                                         T    N44°21,040'  E006°21,183'  1200m
89  SOLLIR          SOLLIERES KD                  Hangar                                         TA   N45°15,342'  E006°48,033'  1297m
90  SANDRE          ST ANDRE LES ALPES            Railway station                                T    N43°58,200'  E006°30,389'  920m
91  SBONET          SAINT BONNET EN CHAMPSAUR     Church                                         T    N44°40,951'  E006°04,438'  1020m
92  SETIEN          ST ETIENNE LES ORGUES         Church                                         T    N44°02,684'  E005°46,738'  680m
93  SJALLE          STE JALLE                     Church                                         T    N44°20,638'  E005°17,231'  405m
94  SJEANM          ST JEAN DE MAURIENNE          Railway station                                T    N45°16,655'  E006°19,728'  530m
95  SMAXIM          ST MAXIMIN                    Basilique                                      T    N43°27,164'  E005°51,854'  300m
96  SNZAID          ST NAZAIRE LE DESERT          Church                                         T    N44°34,170'  E005°16,502'  575m
97  SNAZAI          ST NAZAIRE EN ROYANS          Bridge over l'Isère                            T    N45°04,041'  E005°14,571'  185m
98  SPIENT          ST PIERRE D'ENTREMONT         Church                                         T    N45°24,913'  E005°51,233'  650m
99  SREMY           ST REMY DE PROVENCE NZ        South hangar                                   TA   N43°46,034'  E004°53,580'  113m
100 SVERAN          ST VERAN                      Church                                         T    N44°42,022'  E006°52,094'  2050m
101 SVICTO          STE VICTOIRE                  Dam of Bimont                                  T    N43°32,434'  E005°32,213'  355m
102 TULETT          TULETTE                       Church                                         T    N44°17,239'  E004°55,797'  140m
103 UGINE           UGINE                         Crossroads                                     T    N45°44,727'  E006°25,247'  410m
104 VAISON          VAISON LA ROMAINE             Roman theater                                  T    N44°14,639'  E005°04,157'  220m
105 VEYNES          VEYNES                        Railway station                                T    N44°31,917'  E005°48,952'  820m
106 VIF             VIF                           Church                                         T    N45°03,356'  E005°40,257'  315m
107 VINONA          VINON NF                      Twr                                            TA   N43°44,174'  E005°47,183'  275m
108 MEOUNE          MÉOUNE LES MONTRIEUX          Church                                         T    N43°16,869'  E005°58,241'  275m
109 REVEST          REVEST DU BION                Church                                         T    N44°04,980'  E005°32,921'  940m
110 PIERCH          PIERRE CHATEL                 Church                                         T    N44°57,412'  E005°46,503'  930m
111 AIGUEB          AIGUEBELLE                    Railway station                                T    N45°32,630'  E006°18,446'  320m
112 SJEANA          ST JEAN D'AVELANE KH          Airfield hangar                                TA   N45°30,947'  E005°40,796'  290m
113 SGINGO          ST GINGOLPH                   Cemetery                                       T    N46°23,601'  E006°48,064'  410m
114 VALENS          VALENSOLE                     Church                                         T    N43°50,237'  E005°58,988'  600m
115 LABRIL          LA BRILLANNE                  Bridge over motorway                           T    N43°55,547'  E005°53,747'  355m
116 BRUNET          BRUNET                        Bridge over Asse                               T    N43°53,881'  E006°01,686'  405m
151 CRUIS           CRUIS                         Church                                         S    N44°03,750'  E005°50,170'  710m
152 GANAGO          GANAGOBIE                     Church                                         TS   N43°59,884'  E005°54,503'  660m
153 MALMOI          MALMOISSON                    Crossroads N85/D17                             S    N44°02,484'  E006°07,554'  505m
154 PUIMIC          PUIMICHEL                     Observatory                                    TS   N43°58,819'  E006°01,253'  730m
155 SISTPS          SISTERON PEAGE SUD            South motorway toll                            S    N44°10,305'  E005°57,333'  480m
156 SGENIE          ST GENIEZ                     Church                                         S    N44°14,745'  E006°03,197'  1100m
157 THOARD          THOARD                        Church                                         S    N44°08,995'  E006°08,802'  770m
158 VALBEL          VALBELLE                      Church                                         S    N44°08,990'  E005°52,644'  540m
159 SAUBAN          ST AUBAN MX                   SEFA building                                  STA  N44°03,689'  E005°59,324'  456m
160 STAUBT          ST AUBAN TWR (FINISH)         Twr                                            F    N44°03,409'  E005°59,623'  456m
161 LESCAL          L'ESCALE                      Middle bridge                                  F    N44°04,547'  E006°01,232'  437m
162 CHABIM          CHABIMONT                     Bridge N85/channel                             F    N44°03,268'  E006°01,185'  430m
163 MEES            LES MÉES                      West end of Les Pénitents                      F    N44°01,772'  E005°58,789'  511m
164 VSJEAN          VILLAGE ST JEAN               Crossroads                                     F    N44°05,108'  E006°00,412'  484m

Errata (already included in above HTML list, not necessarily in files) :

  • 30-apr-97 : TP#51 LEMUY Altitude 35m instead of 832m
  • 30-apr-97 : TP#91 SBONET Latitude N44°40,951' instead of N44°43,951'
  • 12-may-97 : LF#22 DI TRIGAN Latitude N43°44,957' instead of N44°44,957'
  • 6-jun-97 : TP#99 SREMY Altitude 113m instead of 140m
  • 6-jun-97 : TP#104 VAISON Altitude 220m instead of 330m
  • 6-jun-97 : TP#115 LABRIL Correct spelling is LA BRILLANNE instead of LA BRILLANE

  • A list of off-field landing sites and a list of airfields inside flight area are also available :

    The off-field landing sites data and coordinates are for information only and in no way can the organizers or the land-owners be liable in case of accident.

    For some areas there is an agreement with the owner, for the others there isn't, thus no guarantee relative to safety of landing may be given.

    Some fields are unusable at certain periods of the year (high crops, crops stocked on site, etc.). Prior flying and walking inspections are essential for some zones.

    More complete information (officially agreed areas, photographs, precautions, fields information, procedures) will be available on site in a special booklet.

    The pilot-in-command is solely responsible for the preparation and the carrying out of the flight. Therefore it is always the pilot's responsibility to choose an appropriate emergency field to make a safe landing.

    Thanks to John Leibacher, who made a great job creating and maintaining a Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange, you can find these turnpoints, airfieds and off-fields landing sites altogether in files of suitable formats for almost every GPS unit, logger or flight computer as well as a map and even sunset times ! (see also errata and subscribe to get automatic notification of updates)

  • Apollo Precedus® : WGC_97.APO
  • Borgelt Joey® : WGC_97.TPD
  • CAL® : WGC_97.CDT
  • Cambridge Aeronautical Instruments® : WGC_97.DAT
  • Eagle AccuNav® : WGC_97.LWR
  • Filser® LX20 & LX 5000 : WGC_97.DA4
  • Garmin® PCX5AVD 2.05 : WGC_97.WPT
  • Soaring Innovations Glide Nav® (turn points only) : WGC_97.SIN
  • tab delimited format : WGC_97.TAB
  • TaskNav® : WGC_97.TPT
  • TaskFinder® : WGC_97.TSK
  • Trimble® : WGC_97.TRM
  • Zander® : WGC_97.WPZ
  • Depending of formats, some changes had to be made to the name and/or number of the points. Whenever possible, the official number of turn points or at least its two last digits appear, as ID or appended to turn point name, to avoid mistakes in selecting turn points.

    In most files, turn, start and final reporting points have numbers between 1 and 199, landing sites between 201 and 299 and airports between 301 and 399.

    Some information is lost in certain formats and competitors have to check official list for missing items (for example to know which points are turn points and which ones are only start or final reporting points).

    Beware that in some formats (for instance : Zander) coordinates are given in degrees-minutes-seconds instead of degrees-minutes-1/1000 minutes : this may lead to a difference up to about 20 meters on turn point position, thus competitors shall round turn points with a sufficient margin to avoid penalties or disqualification.

    Consult John Leibacher WGC'97 Official Turnpoint List for more information on formats conversions and changes notification.

    Although these files are supposed to be as accurate as possible, each competitor has to check what actually is in his flight recorder or flight computer ; organizers cannot be liable in case of error in these files, which are provided for your convenience only.

    Paper documentation distributed by Organizers, as well as possible corrections specified at briefings, are the only authorized reference.

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    Visit Philippe de Péchy's "Vol à Voile" (Soaring) server : infos, ad's, glider pictures, GPS turnpoints coordinates, competitions results and an unofficial ranking of all glider pilots in the world.

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  • World Gliding Championships 1997, Saint-Auban, France (championnats du monde de vol à voile)
  • L'aéro-club du Bas-Armagnac, Nogaro (Gers, France) Aeroclub of Bas-Armagnac
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