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St-Auban, Friday 11 July 1997

Two flying days left !

 Today's weather :
Wind is North-West and could attenuate airmass instability in southern Alps but is too light to produce a marked foehn effect ; thunderstorms were not forecast by METEO-FRANCE computers, but forecaster Guy Senequier, according to his very good local area knowledge, is less optimistic and said they were wrong !

As gliders took off at 13:15, he seemed to be right, unfortunately, as we could already see many congestus clouds, even on the southern area.

Tasks : tasks B were chosen after another aircraft sounding at noon (276 to 338 km) Despite very early starts, 27 gliders outlanded out of 34 in standard class, almost half of standard and open.

No major changes in standard class ; M. Grund was 'aux vaches' in 15 m but as there was very few speed points, loses only 200 points. Uli Schwenk, who started ununderstandably late (30' after most of class) loses 450 points by respect to detached day winner Jan Andersen (43 minutes less than the 2nd finisher G. Lherm).

But the most incredible feat of the day, just after 9 July collective start miss, is that Eric Napoleon, twice World Champion and at second place overall at preliminary tonight, has missed start and scores zero points...

Before the last day, podiums are :

  • Standard
  • 15m
  • Open