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Statistics :
212.982 pages or messages have been served throughout the championship period
(about 15.000 per contest day) :
- 74 963 on WGC server except result pages (105 000 total at end of october)
- 112 849 result  pages
- about 15 000 result  pages on SSA mirror site
- 10 170 e-mails cicadas
(due to a provider technical change individual counters on each page may not work any longer)
212 982 pages ou messages servies pendant le championnat
soit plus de 15 000 par jour d'épreuve :
- 74 963 sur le serveur WGC hors pages resultats  (105 000 au total a fin octobre)
- 112 849 pages resultats
- 15 000 pages resultats environ sur mirroir SSA
- 10 170 e-mails cicadas
(en raison d'un changement technique du fournisseur d'accès les compteurs individuels sur chaque page peuvent ne plus marcher)
more detailed stats :

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Each day, infos about the day's task should be available after the briefing which begins at 10:30 and be online at about noon. Performance results (i.e. standings with only time, not the points, because it would not be significant when all pilots have not landed yet) begin to be displayed after opening of the start line and shows pilots in reverse order of start time with elapsed time at publication. When at least one pilot made it home, it is indicated before which time the others should arrive to win the day, or the time in excess of the winner's if winning is no longer possible.

As a rule of thumb, you can guess than 1 minute is worth 10 to 12 points in most tasks, except if there are too many outlandings.

Performance then unofficial results will come later, when all pilots went home or reported their outlanding (at the moment it takes too much time, because transmission between scoring and web is not yet possible, but it should improve)

Usually when you click on the link "Results" you will see the latest results available of the day, for each class, but you may click on previous days or results.

To reduce downloading time, it may be a good idea to enlarge your cache on disk to keep files and images that don't change from day to day ; if you are on a slow link you might uncheck box "Automatically load image" on your browser.

Ask as many questions as you wish about the Championships or the content of this site... I'll try to answer you all in these pages or by e-mail.

Also feel free to comment our pages or report problems.

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